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program overview


in 1986, then president william kinnison joined campus compact in order to promote public service on college campuses. a volunteer program, called "doing our share" was established and by november boasted 200 participants. in the spring of 1988, wittenberg established a community service graduation requirement. one of the aims of community service is to create an awareness of the needs of others and to develop more compassionate human beings who are able to respond to these needs. in order to help students achieve these goals, wittenberg will place them in an environment that will develop their awareness of social responsibilities (faculty minutes, 2/4/89). through the years, refining changes improved wittenberg's service effort. significant among these was the faculty vote in the fall of 2000 to create the course community service 100 (cmsv 100).

社区服务概述100-01(cmsv 100-01)

  • wittenberg students pick one semester before they graduate to register for community service 100 (cmsv 100), the course students take to complete the service requirement.
  • 学生在注册cmsv 100的学期中完成27小时的服务和3小时的反思
  • 学生必须在一处完成27个小时中的至少20个小时。
  • 该课程遵循注册服务机构办公室确定的所有添加/删除截止日期。
  • 学生应在5月底前提交一份安置确认表(适用于20个小时以上的服务站点)th week of the semester
  • 学生在学期末提交一份自我评估和反思文章。
  • 服务站点为每个在组织中完成20个或更多服务时间的学生验证并提交服务日志和站点评估。
  • 由于课程为0学分,因此无需注册cmsv 100的费用。
  • 学生必须在一个学期内完成所有要求,否则将失去赚取的学时,并且必须在下一个学期重新开始。
  • cmsv 100的权利和责任
  • 常见问题-cmsv 100

社区服务概述100-02(cmsv 100-02)-研究生和专业学习的学生


  • 与来自不同文化和生活状况的人们进行互动,解决挑战社区的社会问题。
  • 与与社区服务计划合作的非营利组织参与。
  • participate in a service immersion experience offered during break times that are sponsored by a wittenberg organization. for an immersion experience to count for cmsv 100, it must also offer participants who want to use this experience to complete their community service requirement an engagement experience in the local community. cmsv 100 students who participate in the immersion experience will complete 27 hours of direct service, which includes this engagement experience in the local community (typically a minimum of 3 hours of service).
  • connect with springfield/clark county by completing service hours in this community with a partner site. if a service opportunity is not available on the partner list or cannot be arranged by the community service program, then a student can submit a self-design proposal to the director of community service for approval.
  • service connected to a faith-based organization must meet the following criteria: the experience's primary purpose must be first and foremost to provide a direct service that addresses a specific social issue that benefits the larger community; the experience must have clearly defined outcomes for the recipients of the service; and the experience must be open to all members of the community regardless of their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, or disability.

the cmsv 100 experience

  • 与实习或其他学分要求的服务分开。
  • is not compensated.
  • 不允许学生将睡眠或旅行所花费的时间计入完成要求所需的总时间中。
  • 不涉及直接的宗教说服或政治运动。
  • 不包括参加诸如筹款活动之类的活动,在该活动中,学生不会直接与非营利组织互动。
  • 必须在注册cmsv 100的学期中完成课程,以成功通过并获得可能的教务长名单认可。

cmsv 100 outcomes

我们已经建立了期望 社区服务成果。您的社区服务经验将为您提供以下机会:

  • 获得并应用技能,能力和知识,以服务于使社区受益的组织。
  • 通过在社区组织内建立互惠关系来了解社区。
  • 对他人和生活状况有同理心的理解。
  • 建立对自己为共同利益做出贡献的能力的信心。
  • 了解成为社会积极公民的责任。
  • 为自己的大学经历增添积极的价值。

cmsv 100 forms

  • placement confirmation - 要求学生在5月底之前提交此表格th week of the semester to inform the community service program of their service placement. it asks the students to describe and determine goals for the service experience. it must be signed by the student and the site.
  • service log - 学生使用此表格记录服务时间和每次访问的特定活动。表格通常保存在现场。
  • site evaluation - 站点管理员为站点上的每个学生填写一张表格。现场经理为完成20多个服务小时的学生填写表格。
  • self-evaluation - student comments are solicited at the end of the semester regarding the service, service site and the community service program. the evaluation is due by the paperwork deadline at the end of the semester and is uploaded on moodle.
  • reflection essay - an assigned 1000 word essay asking students to reflect on their service experience. this essay fulfills 1 hour of reflection and is due by the paperwork due deadline at the end of the semester and is uploaded on moodle.
  • self-design proposal - students interested in completing service at a non-partner site must submit a self-design proposal to the director of community service for approval. the proposal for service needs to meet the guidelines for cmsv 100 and needs to explain how the experience will allow the desired outcomes of cmsv 100 to be achieved. proposals must be turned in by friday of the 4th 学期的一周(或开始服务之前,以先到者为准),该学生已注册cmsv 100。
  • special project log - used for pre-approved service not completed at the student's primary site. a maximum of 7 hours total may be submitted as special project hours.
  • 运输申请表 - used for cmsv 100 students who need a ride to and from a service site. this form reviews the policies and procedures for utilizing transportation to hte service site. the form is due by the friday of the 5th week of the semester.

所有表格都可以在 forms page.


我们将在今年夏天提供cmsv 100, 但由于我们的服务机会有限,因此可以注册该课程的学生人数将受到限制. we will follow the guideline that the service will need to be completed in springfield/clark county, and primarily with one of the sites listed on our community service opportunities list, and 该课程的注册需要得到老师的许可。  

  • students interested in completing the community service requirement over the summer must register for cmsv 100-01 for term 3 by clicking on the following link by 5pm on friday, may 22nd: // (space is limited)

  • 注册了cmsv 100课程的学生必须在5月27日星期三参加虚拟定向th at 4pm, thursday, may 28th 在5月28日中午12点或周四th 下午4点(学生将通过单击上面列出的链接来选择其定向的日期和时间)。

  • 尽管学生注册了第3学期,但他们在6月1日之间stand august 23rd 完成服务时间。 

  • 提交课程的所有必要要求的截止日期是8月25日,星期二th by 5pm. 

  • 由于该课程为0学分,因此无需注册cmsv 100即可免费。

  • 没有w成绩的最后一天下跌是6月26日,星期五th。 w级的最后一天是7月31日,星期五st.

  • the intent of the requirement is to have students serve within the springfield/clark county community, and primarily with one of the partner sites listed on the 社区服务机会清单。  if a student wants to pursue a service experience that is not on the opportunities list, then they must fill out a self-design proposal.  when reviewing the proposal, the director of community service will consider if a similar opportunity can be offered in the local community, if the service meets the guidelines for cmsv 100, and if the experience allows the student to achieve the desired outcomes of cmsv 100. the self-design proposal deadline is friday, june 12th或在启动服务之前,以先到者为准。

  • gps学生不应单击该链接,如果对夏季服务感兴趣,请与社区服务总监kristen collier联系。

  • students should contact with questions.

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